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Oral & Poster Presentation

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Oral & Poster Presentation

1. Presentation format by Category

Category PT Mode Length (including Q&As) Attendance
1 Plenary session Offline/online 50 mins (40+10) On-site/online
2 Focus session Offline/online 30-20 mins On-site/online
3 Regular session Oral Online 12mins On-site/online
Poster 3 mins
4 Special session Oral 12 mins
Poster 3 mins

2. How to produce and submit presentation/speech materials (recording MP4 audio files in Microsoft PowerPoint)

To record audio files in the MP4 format, please use the Record Audio function in PowerPoint. For detailed voice recording and file conversion processes, please find the speaker manual that follows this notice page.

PPT Templates Oral Aspect ratio 4:3
Aspect ratio 16:9
Poster Aspect ratio 16:9 [size: 840x470mm]
For poster presentations, we recommend one-slide presentations (except for the cover page).
* These template specifications are for your reference only. You may choose and use your own slide aspect ratios and templates.
File size Up to 300 MB (recommended)
File format MP4 only (no PPT or PDF formats accepted)
File name PRESM2021-A### (3-digit)
Go to MP4 Upload Link

→ [Manuscript Search] → Enter your Abstract No. → Click on Manuscript Title → Upload MP4 video

If you are a Focus session presenter, send the mp4 video to secretariat without uploading it to the system. *mail to :

*After completing the MP4 file submission, the registration number will no longer be searched.

*If you want to modify the MP4 file, please send it to the [registration number] by e-mail, and the original file will be deleted.
*Mail to:

Deadline June 30, 2021

PRESM2021 Secretariat
*Abstract/Program: +82-2-393-0725,
*Accounting: +82-2-393-0724,
*General : +82-2-518-0722(ext.6),
FAX: 82-2-518-2937
The Korean Society for Precision Engineering, SKY1004 bldg. 12F, 50-1 Junglim-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04508, Korea (President: Dae-Eun Kim)
α׷, : 02-393-0725,
ȸ, : 02-393-0724,
Ѱ, 繫 : 02-518-0722(6),
FAX: 02-518-2937
()ѱаȸ, (04508) ߱ ߸ 50-1, 12(SKY1004), ȣ 211-82-12117 (ǥ )